Civitavecchia – ASL RMF AS of April 1, Rules for Co-Pay Exemption Change

Civitavecchia – ASL RM/F. AS of April 1, Rules for Co-Pay Exemption Change

Specialtiesà for which è Allawed l’Direct Access Are:
•Obtetrics and Gynecology;
•Pediatrics (Limited to Patient WHO COULD Not Choose with Pediatrician Free-Choice);
•Ophthalmology, for Optometric Services;
•Activityà of Preventive Services and Counseling Centers.

In These Cases è L’Counter operator, at the time of the’Acceptance, Upon Request of the’Assisted, to Verify the position in the Regional Systems.

How You will have toà proceed?
As of April 1, 2011, All’Act of prescription, The Family Doctor or Prescibing Physician (Including Medical Guards, Tourist OR Other), On Request, Detects the Exemption Code for Income Condition Through Regional Systems, Communicates It and Notes it on the prescription.
In Case You Are Not on the Lists, and you Believe you are entitled to the’Exemption, No Fear: Until June 30, 2011 You canà Still Self-Certify the right to’Exemption by Affixing Your Signature in the’Special Space on the prescription.
In the meantime, you will be able toà go to the asl district offices to make l’Any Self-Certification That Will haveà Duration Until March 31 of the’Following Year.

As of July 1, 2011, they will not beà più Possible to Sign in the prescription to self-certify the right to the’income exemption.

Making False Statements Has Criminal Consequences.

The Self-Certifications Will All Have a Deadline of March 31 of the’Following Year.

Where to get the information
All Information, Lists and Hours of ASL District Offices and Models for L’Self-Certification Are Available at www.ASLMF.en, www.region.Lazio.en, www.Poslazio.It, or by Calling the Toll-Free Number 800 012283

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