Anguillara – Milk Houses Clarification on Raw Milk


Instead, Comments that, in Order to Credit Better Qualityà of Raw Milk, Falselic Posta as an alternative the “Industrial Milk from Romania. Well forò that è Pasteurized and I Find It in the Tetrapak”. There is not Only Raw Milk or Milk Described in the Sentence Above.

There are local businesses that produces pasteurized milk. Do not consider them them and only talk about UHT Milk of Dubious Origin è incorrect and misleading.
In the’Scope of the’Nutrition and Health Control Over Food Too Often We Read Opilations From People of Dubious Reputation Who Pontificate Their Positions from the’High of Their Allegedly Grade Knowledge. In a comment to my previo articles, A Reader includes a reference to the reference to site where “Much Information is Given”, Thanks è forò A Manufacturer's Site, Thus Biaset, Providing Some Answers Along the Lines of the Famous Popular Saying “Host, è Good wine?”.
I, who am not a biologist, in preparing the’Articles, the relied on the’Opinion of Experts, Including in Research Executive of the’Higher Institute of Sanità (From Which I ExtraCTED Here part of one of its publications), and of the director of a complex territorial facility that deals specific with zoopophylactic prevention (See Here some pages).
Lastly, the Attach Here The Note from The Ministry of Health (Which, Although Some Conspiracy Theories Ascrib It To The Role Of A Killer in the pay of Multinational Corporations, è Certainly più Objective Compared to Certain Opinion Read These Days) Pointing Out that the number of e. Coli Cases Does Not è Not at All Marginal.

Finally, the would like to clarify one Thing. I Met the Owner of the’Company That Installed The Milk House. It made a good impression on me: in my opinion è a serious, knowledgeable and thorough guy, who nonetheless recognizes that, if we are talking on a national level, he certainly does not feel like guaranteeing that all producers in Italy are equally attentive to qualityà of the Product Offered, I know I am convinced that the Milk She Sells is of excellent qualityà.
I Cannot forò Therefore, the hesitate to Warn Readers Against Those Who Claim That Raw Milk is the è Immune From Any Problems, That It Absolutely Should Not Be Boiled and That The’Only alternatives è The Romanian Uht Milk. There are fortunetely a myriad of variations to make a choice.