Endometriosis doesn’t have to be scary

Endometriosis does not have to be scary

These are wounds that go beylond physical pain, but can be healed, those of women with endometriosis, about 10 percent of the female population. The Psychological Aspects Related to the Disease, A Chronic Disbbling Condition for Which a Diagnostic Delay of 5 to 8 Years Still Persists, are Often Undorestimated, While Being Very Important for the Well-Boing of the individual.

AS Emerged in Parma, During the Recent Meeting Organized by the from.P.AND.

AS Emerged in Parma, During the Recent Meeting Organized by from the a.P.AND. Endometriosis Project Association, Uniting Patient Volunteers From All Over Italy in Providing Information and Creating Awareness About The Disease, With Psychologist and Psychotherapist Micaela Fusi – Which for 11 Years Has Been Working to Support Women suffering from the condition, collaborative with the a.P.AND. In Parma, in addition to being a speaker at the two training courses for psychologist and psychotherapist organized by the association -, what scares her mons is “the Not to be Believed in Physical Pain, in The Idea That What They Feel is considering Exaggerated, A Condition That Also IncaSes Psychological Pain“.

Having Severe Pains During Menstruation or Ovulation is Still Too Often Considered “Normal,” The Result of a cultural Legacy That Does Not Help Women Express Their Feminity and Live With Suffering That’s is Anyth But Ordinary. He Knows It Well Roberta, for Many Years in Volunteer of the a.P.AND., Which TODAY IS COMMITTED TO HELPING WOMEN WHO, LIKE HER, LIVE WITH ENDOMETRIOSTA AND ITS STIGMA. “I am 42 years old,” Roberta tells – “and I had pains during my period even as a young girl.

For So Many Years I Considered All of this Normal. One night at the theater, the couoldn’t event sit up. I know the turned to the major Hospital in Parma and discovered that it was a center specializing in endometriosis.

In a short time i received my diagnosis and had surgery

I was lucky, Bicause So Many Girls Change Gynecologist and No One Can Name These Pains. Not Knowing What you have is What Hurts the Most.”. And it is not easy to talk about it. Herce the FundaMental Role they play Support Groups Of associations such as the a.P.AND. “Comparing Oneself With Other Women Experience a Similar Condition Can Be a Great Help – Explains Dr. Melted -. It is necessary for Every Woman to feel recognized in Her Own Story and to Be Able To Talk About It With Women Who Have Similar Fears and Emotions.

Being Able To Share, Being Able To Know More and More What The Disease Is, Creates Awareness Needed to deal with it.

This is an issue that touches on one’s feminity

It is an issue that touches on one’s feminity, intimacy, sexuality, and it is easier to comparison THOSE Who have aldenady experience it “. The Meetings are at least by Both Women Who Have Just Received The Diagnosis and Therefore Are Stolling With Concens and Information Seeking, and Women Who Have Almedy Procedsed The Different Stages of the Disease. Opening up beacomes the key to feeling less alone and making an informed choice. “In The Face of Physical Difficulties One Recovers, But Mentally it is more complicated – Roberta Explains -. It is one Thing to have a Backache, Something We Talk About With Serenity, it is another to have pain that affects Womanhood and the Relationship. Women Need to Be Believed and Be Part of Their Own Choices; it Should Not Be The Disease That Chooses for You.

But unfortunately there are stirlo people who claim that endometriosis is a fad “.

The Advice is to seek treatment at a specialized center, but at first it is not easy to see this is the right choice to make. “Taking Care of the Body While Not Neglecting The Mind Is What Makes the Difference,” Stresses Psychologist Micaela Fusi. “Endometriosis is very disblining and women rust to Cope with the psychological pain, The Experiences Related to Not Being Able to have a life as one would like to. Going Out with Friends, Going to Work, Attention School, or Having Romantic Relationships are not easy situations for women with endometriosis.

There is Also The Fear of Not Being Able to Have Pregnancies. Talking about it, confiding in Other Women is a way to focus on the feminine and make on this this wounded feminine can Find Other Areas to Fully Realize Itself. It is also crucial to info adolescent girls so that they become carriers of awareness.”. Association Becomes An Important Reference Point, Gives Opportunities to be free to be able to expipress themselves. “Fear Prevails at First,” Roberta Aided, “Because you have no idea what endometriosis is or what you may be facing.

After Years, Facing the Problem, Undersanding What Can Happen, Sharing One’s Story, The Fear IS LESSENED.”.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammory disease that affects about 10 percent of the female population of childbearing age in Italy, although the data are extremely biased and probably underdestimated. The Most Common Syptoms Are: Severe Menstral Pain and at the Time of Ovulation, Recurrent Cystitis, Bowel Irguularity, Heaviness in the Lower Abdomen, Pain at Sexual Intercourse, Infertility in 35% of Cases. For A Disease Whose Causes are still unknown, for which there are definitive Cres or Medical Paths of Prevention, in order to Limit the damage that endometriosis causes, it is Essential to make information to Create Awareness!