In Rieti and in Sabina the desk for free psycho-pedagogical assistance of INPSICOLOGY ONLUS

In Rieti and in Sabina the desk for free psychopedagogical assistance of INPSICOLOGY ONLUS

The Municipality of Rieti sponsors the initiative “Con…Tatto, “Promoted by the Association Inpsicology Onlus with the contribution of the Lions Club Passo Corese Sabina Gens, Which Provides for the Opening of a Desk for free psycho-pedagogical Assistance Aimed at Those Who relate to People With Disabilities Both Within The School and in The Family Environment.

INPSICOLOGY ONLUS IS A Non-Profit Association That Aims To Offer The Help of Professionals Working in the Field of Psychology and Related Subjects to Promotes The Bio-Psycho-Social Well-Boing of the Individual Within The Environment in Which He or She is placed.

The “with…Tact “Desk Aims To Create A Space of Welcome, Orientation and Psycho-Pedagogical Listening Aimed at the Growth and Better Inclus of the Disabled Person, of All Types and Degrees, Within The School and Social Context.

The Service is aimed at the Entire Provincial Territory. In Rieti, the desk will be active at the headquarters of the Ente Nazionale Sordi in via Comotti 53. While in Sabina The Meetings Will Be Held at the Poggio Mirteto Comprehensive Institute on the Premises of the Second Grade Primary School in via Angelo Bulgarelli snc.

The Service Will Not Offer Psychotherapy Pathways, But Depending on the Request and the Type of Issue, at Diversified Pathway Based on Support and Resolution of Difficulties Will Be Offered.