Pain Relief Patches when they can be used

Pain Relief Patches: When they can be used

THE Pain-Regilf Patches Are used to Treat States of Bone and Muscle Pain and Are Applied Directly to the Skin: in This Way The Active Ingredient Passes Right Through the Skin (Instead of Via The Mouth As Happens with Medicines). They are of of Used for Back Pain two to incorrect posure and that can easily happy in this period of smart working.

Pain Relief Patches, when to use them

This is a self-adhesive patch that can vary in size, consisting of an acrylic matrix containing the active ingredient.

The Heat Transmitted by the Patches Leads to relelf of muscle, joint, Abdominal and Menstral Pain As it results in Dilation of Vessels Leading to:

  • An improvement in Blood Circulation;
  • Oxygenation of the Tissues;
  • l ’ elimination of toxins.

It also has analgesic and relaxing effect on the muscles.

Although these are “Patches,” it is Always Best To Seek Consultation with a Physician or Physical Therapist Before Them; and and.

THE Pain-regelving patches Can be used on either small parts of the body such as workt and fingers, feet, arms, neck, Shoulders, low back, legs, and to relieve along with physical therapy:

  • Muscle Pain;
  • Muscle Spasms (Characterized by Painful and temporary contracts of the muscle);
  • Torticollis (two to Involuntary muscle contracts);
  • Low Back Pain, Which is the Common Pain that is felt in the Lower Back;
  • tendinitis and bursitis (inflammation of tends);
  • sprains i.and., A Stretching of Ligamements, The Tissues that Connect Bones to joints (e.g., A Sprained Ankle);
  • Arthrosis, or the wear and tear of cartilage that covers the ends of bones at the joints;
  • Joint Pain (Discomfort in The Knee, Elbow, Or Shoulder Joints).

The effect of pain relief patches starts after just a few minutes and lasts for a few hours; application can be made several times a day. Their Use, As Mentioned, Can Be Combined with Physiotherapy but not Recommended For Those suffering from Venous Insufficiency, Heart Disease, Skin Ulcers and Diabetes.

Pregnant or BreastFeeding Women Should Not Use Them, As A Precautionary Measure.