Bracciano – The entry Organ Donor Appears on the Identity Card.

Bracciano – On the Identity Card Appears the entry “ Organ Donor ”

The Municipal of Bracciano Still Shows Itself at the Forefront of the Recognition of Citizens’ prerogatives and wishes. By Resolution no. 404/2014 of Octaber 9, 2014, The City Council Resolved an important innovation Regarding the expression of will to donate one’s organs after death.

“ shortly – Explains Mayor Giuliano Sala – Identity Cards Issued by the Municipal of Bracciano Will Bear The Declaration of the Citizen’s Will To Organ and Tissue Donation. It will be easy to identify Citizens Who Want To Express Their Will to organ. The Municipality, in Implection of Relevant Regulations, Will Sign An Agreement with the Transplantation Information System ”.

The Council of Bracciano has resolved to Issue Directives so that at the municipal registry office, at the time when a citizen of legal age and resident requests the issuance of an identity document, information about the process is provided and the manifestation form of Will About Organ and Tissue Donation and, at the same time, be required of the citizen to expipress the will about the rent of Related Explicit wording on the document. The resolution also specifies that “the will may be revoked by the citizen at any time by going to the ASL or the Regional Transplant Reference Centers” that “denial may not result in changes to the indication on the Identity Card” until the expiration of the document.