Anguillara -Second Phase of the Course Wanted by the Municipality to Improve “School Safety”

Anguillara -Second Phase of the Course Wanted by the Municipality to Impove "Safety in Schools"

Before Addressing the part Called Blsd (Defibrillator Resuscitation) and PBLS (Pediatric Resuscitation), This’Last Hower Highly Advanced and in Demand, Some 30 Teachers of the’San Francesco Comprehensive Institute Took Turns YesTerday in Practticing First Aid by Simulating A Series of Interventions on Dummies, Carefully Supervised by Professional Nurses from the’ARES 118 of Anguillara-Bracciano.

This second phase, L’introduction to techniques essential for resuscitation, più Professionally Definable Basic Life Support (BLS) Course, and the Subsequent Demonstration, è Was Carried Out by Antonello Bentivegna, National Coordinator of the Anguillara Dnem, Responsible for Among the’More of the Project “Safe Lake”. A Teacher d’Exception, Indeed to True Storyteller to Whom è Virtually impossible not to pay attention to.

SOME Questions Asked by Lecturers Who Had Almedyà Following Similar Courses, Have Resulted in Some Clarifications by Antonello Bentivegna.
What used to be called “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”, TODAY è Has Been Replaced by Bls, Which in fact replaces it, expedally by virtue ofù of a series of Essential Maneuvers That Over the Years, have undergone Several Evolions.

There is no’è nothing sloppy or haphazard in the maneuvers to be performed to resuscitate an injured person, especially in the number of compressions and insufflations; everything falls under precise guidelines, updated every four years, that are the result of studies done on first aid interventions. The Relationship Bethaeen Compressions insufflations to be performed on a possible casualty, are the basis of basic life support, a manuver that is no longer limitedù Only to resuscitation of the patient but aims to maintain the patient's vital functions greased the’Arrival of a Rescue Moreù Advanced.

How Much is put in place manuary, as rhythms and timing in fact, è What is later repeted at the’Within a’street vendor or at an intensive care center with the’Help Even of Modern Technologies.

L’Attention of the ‘Teachers/Lears’ Reached the Highest When Bentygna performed The Practical Test on the Dummy/Patient: Absolute Silence Almost meaning the Realism of His Actions and That of the Reactions of the ‘puppet’.

The second part of the lecture è was then devoted to practical tests in Which the various teachers, carefully observed by the headmistress Laura Lauri, have taken turns with an honest-to-goodness effort by shrewd rescuers.