As every year, this start d’fall, the ASL is organizing the Vaccination Campaign against the’seasonal flu.
The activitiesà will begin around the second halfà of October, but since the next few days will beà possible to make reservations at Vaccination Centers , five in the various districts, or at your family doctor’s office:
The Campaign for Flu Vaccination this’year includes a newà: l’sending letters d’personal invitation to all individuals over 65 years of age and to certain categories of users who, according to the data in the possession of the Health Authority , related to ticket exemptions by pathology, can be considered at risk.
This is an important initiative, particularly challenging in terms of resources and means available, which aims toò To increase the percentage rate of vaccinations performed on the totalà Of the users targeted by the Campaign.
L’influenza, worth remembering, è a disease caused by viruses, mainly affecting the respiratory tract. L’infection is mainly transmitted through saliva droplets emitted by coughing, sneezing or even simply talking.
Viruses of the’flu spread moreù easily in crowded environments but can hold out for a period of time even in the’environment and can contaminate objects and surfaces.
For these reasons, good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene (covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing) are simple precautions to take but are very effective in preventing the spread of the disease.
Usually the illness lasts about a week and resolves with recovery. In some cases there may be complications caused, for example, by bacterial overinfection (pneumonia, sinuses, otitis), dehydration and especially worsening of pre-existing diseases (e.g. chronic diseases of the’cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, etc…).
L’influenza constitutes a major health problemà public because of the wide spread, contagiousnessà, of possible serious complications; è frequent cause of medical consultation and hospitalization, work and school absences, high consumption of symptomatic drugs.
The marked tendency of influenza viruses to vary over time contributes to recurrent epidemics in the population annually. Corresponding to these epidemics, there is an increase in mortality rateà general.
Vaccination is the best strategy to counteract these epidemics and reduce their consequences in the mostù at risk.
Vaccinations will be carried out by family physicians and the corporate Vaccine Service.

Vaccination at the corporate Vaccine Service will require the followingà book at the following telephone numbers. All information will also be posted on the company website

District F1 – ( Civitavecchia area) reservations from 3/10/11 to 28/10/11
by calling 0766/501902
Monì to Fridayì from 11 a.m.30 to 13.00

District F2 – reservations from 3/10/11 to 28/10/11
by calling the numbers
06/96669992 (Ladispoli)
06/96669317 (Cerveteri)
Since Monì to Fridayì from 12 noon.00 to 1 p.m.00

District F3 –(Lake Bracciano) reservations from 3/10/11 to 28/10/11
by calling 06/96669156
from Monì to Thursì 9 a.m.30 at 12.30

District F4 – (Flamina,Tiberina) reservations from 3/10/11 to 28/10/11
by calling 06/96669784
by Mondayì to Fridayì from 9 a.m.00 to 12 noon.00

dr. Alessandro Bastianelli
Press Office – U.O. Communication

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