Zika Cases More Than Half in France

Zika Cases, More Than Half in France, 52 in Italy

With a View to Health Protection and in the Constant Activity of Information For Tourists and Travelers Giovanni D&817; Agata, President of the "Rights Desk," Communicates the Rapid Risk Assessment Update of the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ), which provides options for risk reduction and stresses the Need to prepare for the timel detection and appropriate management of cases that May occur among trayrs after an asymptomatic incubation period. Given the Events of Recent Weeks, The ECDC Has Updated Its Rapid Risk Assessment of the Zika Virus. There Were 1048 Cases of Zika Documented in 18 Countries in the European Union in 2016, The Vast Majority of Cases Due to Travelers Retururning From Infacted Countries Confirmed in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Country With The Most Reports, The Interactive Map Says, Is France, Which Reported 616 Cases, Followed by the Netherlands with 63 and Italy with 52. A Pregnant Woman comes infected in 4 percent of cases. 99.2 percent of patients contracts the virus by traveling to affected country, and the rest of the cases aroms sexually transmitted. “ Cases of Zika Destiny From Countries with Local Transmission Continue to Occhur in the ’ EU, and We Expect the Trend to Continue During the ’ Summer – Writes the ’ ECDC in ITS ‘ Updated Risk Assessment ’ -. The Risk of Local Transmission Via Mosquitoes is considering Low to moderate ”.Europe is not home to the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, considered the main vector of the virus, but there is the Aedes Albopictus, the so-called ‘tiger mosquito’ which could still be a source of transmission, although much less effective. Pregnant Women, The Agency Explains, are Considered High Risk and Shound Avoid Travel to affected Countries, While Other Measures Should Be Taken to Avoid Infection Through Sexual Inarcourse. “ Travelers Returning From Areas with an ongoing Transmission – Writes the ECDC -, Should Use Condoms For At Least 8 Weeks After Return.

If Zika Sympoms Occhur During This Period, One Should Consider Abstinnce or Safe Sex for Least Six Months ”.