Coronavirus Le Foche Umberto I Tends to go off on Its Own

Coronavirus, Le Foche, Umberto I: “ The virus tends to go off on its other ”

Francesco Le Foche, Professor of Immunology and Head of Immuno-Infecty at the Day Hospital at Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, Spoke at the microphones of Rai Radio2 During the format Of Ciancio, Live Monday ’ Through Friday ’ from 00.30 at 6. “ this virus, like the other coronaviruses we ’ve known before, tends to extinguish itself. It ’ s like this;.

Coronaviruses tend to give pandemics

It. Espencially When there ’ S A Reduction in Their Social Entropy. Thanks to lockdown this virus not being able to infect people who are locked in their homes slowly no longer has the charge to spread and therefore tends to self extinguish, to live a kind of programmed death.

Hopefully, This Will Happen Quickly, and it would see that the Early Warm Weather May Help ’. Now we can ’t Say for Sure, The Lockdown Prevents Us From Saying for Sure, Certainly the contagion has Been Greatly Reduced and Slowly This Virus Will Lose ’ Strength. We will see this Better with the first Warm Weather, when there will alo be a reduction of droplets that will dry out and thus have less chance ’ of passing from one person to another ”.

According to the Professor “ This virus Will No Longer Have ’ The Stray It Had, The One That Put Us In Crisis, The One That BROUGHT SO MANY PEOPLE AT Once to the Hospital with the Need To Be Treated With Intensive Care.

This virus has been at its monl explosive with event intra-hospital contagions

It proliferated in Single-Block Hospitals, which did not have the skill ’ to isolated Covid in the wards. This huge and simultaneous contagion has stassed our health care system, now there ’ s an important decompression given by the lockdown, decompression that has given use the opportunity ’ to start a territory medicine that is ’ fundamental to publish health & #8221;.

Le Fuas Again: “ it. This virus has Allawed us to beter reevaluate this aspect, now there ’ s a renaissance of public health, we will again acquires assessments that we had somewhat lost. Cuts in Health Care ’ and Reductions in Staff and Funds Have Also Led To Reductions in Community Medicine.

Now We Know This.

We will reorganize Community Medicine, Because ’ This, I Repeat, is a virus that Should Not as to the Hospital. By Now This Has Been Perceived as Absolute Truth ’ Everyone Has Taken Note of It. Even the minister of Health in Recent Speeches Has Talked About Restructuring of Community Health.

This Will Make ’ That we can have an active osmosis between the territories and the Hospitals

This will make it ’ I know that we can have an active osmosis between the territories and hospitals that will lead ’ to a High-Profile Public Health Care. Now We have interted That If We can Treat The Coronavirus Patient Immediatey with few sympoms, The Patient in the Vast Majority of Cases Does Not Need to Come the Hospital. This is ’ an inflammory dysase and like all inflammory diseases if treated at the onset it does not causes serious harm ”.

On the Coming Weeks: “ A Return to More or Less Normal Life? It ’S Not to be considered so Far Away. We have to Wait the Next Two Weeks, If Things Continue Way by the First Two Weeks of May We Can Go Out and Re organization Our Society ’.

If this virus behaves ’ as it Should and as the History of Coronaviruses suggests we couUn Return to our social life. I Don ’T Think We Should Restrict Our Freedom ’ and our social autonomy ” very much;.

On the Vacations

“ I Don ’T Believe in Summer Vacations Taken Outside Italy, but I do Believe that in Italy we can go on vacation ”. On the Vaccine: “ to Rid Ourselves Completely of the Virus-Said the Foche-We Should Have A Vaccine. We Know that there are Various Vaccine Studies Being Fielded, with different potentials ’ different.

The problem with this vaccine is ’ that we do not know Whether it Will produces immunizing antibodies or not. The Believe that as of Today We Should Focus On Other Things. Here, on What We Said.

Immediate Therapies and Medicine on the ground. I Don ’t Think it. Then, Should there be this opportunity ’ Welcome.

Only Vaccinations Can Make Viruses Completel Disappear from the face of the Earth.

Pero ’ If this virus behaves like Sars is ’ destined to disappear. Since this is an eighty percent identical coronavirus to sars- concluded the professor from Umberto I in Rome- it Should Have Had a pandemic phase that is now dying out. I AM Optimistic and My Optimism is ’ Based on Science ”.