Relaunch it Now Starting in The Emergency Room

Rome Tortosa: “Relaunch It Right Away Starting in The Emergency Room.”

“Although Cirumscribed, A contribution to the overcrowding of Rome's Emergency Rooms Canò Be offered right away by reintegrating The CTO Into the Emergency Network. AND’ Just One of the Demands Expasted in the’Urgent Question I Submitted Today Regarding the Unfinished Transformation of the’Rome's CTO Hospital Into a Highly Specialized Hub for Trauma and Rehabilitation Surgeries Serving the Citizens of Lazio and Central-South D’Italy. L’Hospital, AT Risk of Closure Because of Cuts to the Regional Health Sortor Signed by Polverini Last May è Been Revitalized Thanks to an important agreement Signed by President Zingaretti with the’Inail to transform it into a center of excellence in the Treatment of Ortho-Traumatology, but it is suffering TODAY FROM A at Stalemate Condition, two to Very Serious Shortage of Staff and the Closure of Important Services, Merged at the’S hospital. Eugenio.

For the Effective Revitalization of the CTO, Which Remains a’National Excellence in the Treatment of Orthopedic Surgery, Espencially Related to Fractures of the Neck of the Femur, Hand, and Foot, And Where to Historical Pool of Highly Qualified Professionals Still Operates, Despite The Despoliation of Operators and Departments, to Corporate Re organization of the’Staffing and Services.

This è The Explicit Request I make in the’Question, Also Pointing Out that the necessary resources couUn Be Found in Good Part by Avving The Construction of a Helaport at the very Nearby Hospital S. Eugenio, Authorized by the Outgoing ASL Roma C Management, since the CTO There is one alvedyà Functioning and Fully Compliant. In short, Ctos Are Currently Present in All the Capitals of the Regions Mostù virtuous d’Italy (Milan, Turin, Florence) as garrisons of strategic importance in the treatment of such a highly expensive specialty as ortho-traumatology, a health care field that only prudent public management canò Keep Under Control, Avouting Onerous Reimbursements that would therwise go to private contracts facilities”. Soì In a note Oscar Tortosa, PSI Group Leader and Vice Chairman of the Activities Commissionà Productive of the Lazio Regional Council.