Facing the Christmas Holidays Without Getting Too Heavy here are a few tricks

Coping with the Christmas Holidays Without Getting Too Heavy: Here Are Some Tricks

The Advice of Dr.Ssa Annamaria Acquaviva, Dietitian Nutritionist for the California Prune Board in Italy, to start the New Year in Great Shape Without Too Many Sacrifices During the Holiday Season

The Countdown to Christmas Lunches and Dinners Has Now Begun, How to cope with holiday binges without giving up taste and the pleasures of the table? From Family Gatherings to Apireitifs with Friends and Co-Workers, The Occasions For Celebrating, Tasting Traditional Dishes and Toasting Multiply in Just A Few Days, Making it Incaseingly Complicated to Keep the Correct Eating Habits.

Dr.Ssa Annamaria Acquaviva – Dietitian and nutritionist of the California Prune Board in Italy – suggests Five Strategies to face the upcoming Christmas Holidays in Lightness Without Too Many Renunciations And start the New Year in Top Form.

Vegetables in Every Shape and Color!

It is important Enrich Our Christmas Table With The 5 Colors of Nature: White, Blue-Purple, Yellow-Orange, Red, Green: each with specific properties Guaranteed to meet the body’s Needs. Warm Velvety Soups, Colorful Dips, Crunchy Salads, Tasty Side Dishes or Condiments for Dishes. We can take advantage of the beneficial properties of vegetables at every meal, thanks to their versatility. They Satiate in Just a Few Calories, Allawing Us To Balance The Calories and Glycemic Impact of the Lavish Christmas Meals.

In addition, they are Rich in Minerals, Vitamins and the Valuable Phytochemical Compounds That Characterize Vegetables by Their Color.

Don’t forget the fiber

During the Holiday Season, Diet Is often Disordered and Dietary Fiber Is in Short Supply. Instead, it is good to Satify Our Natural Needs to Promotte Digests. Tea More recent scientific studies* emphasize the Importance of Health Starting in the Gut, Which is involved in multiple functions of our body through the gut-brain axis. In this case California Plums, Which Have A Low Glycemic Index Thanks to Their Carbohydrate Composition, Can Tests Useful: They are an excellent source of fiber Which has a detoxifying effect and promotes digestion.

Great then included in breakfast, holiday recipes and snacks: three or four California Plums a day represent one of five servings a day of fruits and vegetables.

Tea Right Balance Bethaneen Meals

The Meal Before or after the Rich Christmas Menus Should Be Light, Rich in Vegetables and Limited in Farinaceous Foods. At Meals, It’s best not to arrive too hungry, to avoid making choices dictate by low sugar. It is important to start with raw vegetables, which are also carriers of valuable antioxidants that contributes to satyty in a few calories. Instead, We Avoid in The Wait to Fill Up On Broad, Breadsticks or Piadina, Which Represent an extra serving of carbohydrates that we generally overindulge in.

Eat Slowly

The Countless Courses of Holiday Lunches and Dinners, The Chatter and the Rush to Get to the desserts…When we eat in a Hurry, we swallow More Air Making Digesti More Difficault and we tend to Eat Beyond Our Needs and Satyy. Instead, Chewing Slowly Promotes The Achievement of Satyy, Which we begin to perceive about 20 minutes after we start chewing, and Allaw You To Really Enjoy the Flavors of Your Plate and the Pleasure of the Meal.

Don’t Stop Never!

Moving Daily Produces Positive Effects On a Person’s Physical and Mental Health. Scientific Studies Confirming Its Beneficial Effects Are Now Countless. It is good to Take Advantage of the Vacation Season to Go for Walks or Winter Sports (skating, sking). Better to Fair Stairs to Electors And Incasse Habitual Physical Activity (walking, biking, swimming, etc.)

Planning An Incasse in Physical Activity Along With A Varied and Balanced Diet Almedy During the Christmas Holiday Season Will Allew Us To Maintain a More Harmonous and Lasting Fit Weight and Start The New Year at Our Best.