Gynecologist Learn To Talk About Safe Sex

Gynecologist Learn To Talk About Safe Sex

Gynecology is the first Italian Specialty to "Get Involution" On the level of Doctor-Patient Communication, From Direct Comparetation to Dialogue on Social Media, to encourage Real Change in Lifestyles Regarding Sexual Health and Reproductive Life Protection. This is the goal of the first Master's Degree "Health Communication in Gynecology" Promoted by the Association of Italian Hospital Obstricians Gynecologists (Aogoi) in Collaboration with the Iulm University of Milan: to teach physicians How to talk about "Safe Sex" and Sexually Transmitted Infections (Stis), A Real Emergency in Terms of Public Health, But About Which Little Is Still Communicated and with a Certain Embarrassment.

The Second Most previation infection in Europe After Respiratory Infections, Utis Have Accounted for More Than 95 Thousand New Cases in Italy Over the Past Decade, 20% of Which are in Young People Aged 15 to 24 Who Approach Sexuality in An Often Uninformed Manner. Progressiveving Increaseing of Chlamydia, Genital Herpes and Human Papillomavirus (HPV), The Latter Being the Cause Not Only of Number Neoplasms (FIRST and Forems Cervical Cancer) But Also of Condylomas, To Date The Leading U uga in Termons of Number of Visits and Diagnoses In Western Countries. Finally, infections such as syphilis or gonorrhea are back in the spotlight (+79%), all diseases that can Cause Infertility and reproductive Health Complications in Both Sexes.

"The Gynecologist has a Key Role in Prevention, and a Great Deal Depends on His or Her Ability to Address the Topic Explicity But Empathetically, Without Minimizing The Risks to the Couple's Sexual and Reproductive Health," Said Elsa Viora, Aogoi President. "Communication Has Therefore Become an Essential Part of the Work of the Physician Who Must Be Trained in This Field As Well, Beyond The Academic Track. For this Reason, The Aogoi Has Decided to Invest Its Resources in A Master's Program Dedicated to Communication AS An Integral Part of Its Commitment to Professional Training and the Incursing Humanization of the Doctor-Patient Relationship. We chose to start with a topic of extreme social relevance, hoping this this initiatory will be followed by others, "Viora Aided.

"In Daily Clinical Practice, The Gynecologist, More Than Any Other Health Professional, Has To Deal With Issues That Are Particularly Sensitive and Difficault to Manage, Espencialy When Addressing The Younger Generation. Beyond the indispensable Scientific Expertise, it is not Always Easy to Transfer Health Messages Clearly and Comprehensively, Making Them Really succeeding in affectting individual behavors. Professionalism Alone Is Not Wides in an Area of Strong Emotional Impact Such As Gynecology: it is necessary to overcome the barriers that hinder a direct dialogue with patients and to know how to communicate in an empathic way in order to direct the woman and the coupe along An appropriate path of check-ups and prevention and to promotes the adoption of correct sexual habits at all ages, "Explained Carlo Maria Stigliano, Aogoi, Scientific Director of the Master's Program.

Effective Communication Must Be Based On A Rigorously Scientific Basis But at the Same Time Be Easily Understood. "In The Context of Screening and HPV-Related Diseases, for Example, Gynecologists Need to be able to clearly explain Difficult-to-undenand results reported in Reports and Reassure Women About the Next Course of Treatment, Avoiding Generating Unnecessary Anxies," Said Vito Vito Trojano, President of the Aogoi and Vice President Sigo. "Effective Doctor-Patient Communication," The Expert Continues, "Also Helps to Incasse Trust and the Perception of the Professionalism of the Specialist and the Health Care Facility to Which the Woman Turns and Avoids Unnecessary Litigation in Health Care.".

Not Only Open Discussion With Women, but aloso dialogue Through New Media is an integral part of Effective Communication and a Pathway to Sexuality Education. "It is Also Important to Explore The Web and the New Sphere of Social Where Physicians May Find Themselves Interacting With Women, Espencialy Younger Women, Looking for Information to Allay Doubts and Perplexities About Women's Sexuality and Health. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp have now become indispensable tools for relating with patients and answering their questions, and precisely for this reason the use of new communication technologies will be at the center of the training course offered to gynecologists," explained Mauro Ferraresi, IULM, Scientific Director of the Master's programme.

"Recent episodes of Misinformation and Controversy Over Vaccinations Have Only Underscored the Importance of Good Communication, Which Gynecologist Must Champion. Direct and Frank Communication With Patient: With Younger Patient Facing Their First Sexual Experiences, with the parents of Young adolescenti to make correct information about the Prevention Possibility of offered, for Example, by Vaccinations, and Finally With Adult Women and Their Partners to Promothe Sexuality and parenting, "Said Antonio Chiàntera, Aogoi National Secretary.