Pregnant Women: Agreement BETWEEN BABY GRANDE Hospital and Altamedic

Together, These Two Prestigious Roman Big Haves Signed An Agreement To Create Virtuous Synergies in the Areas of Training, Clinical and Research in Order to Structure Specific Paths Aimed at Obtaining and Stanning the feto-neonatal Continuity of Care for Pregnant Who Turn To The Facilitynes.

The Agreement Entered into Has The Dual Purpose of Ensury The Highest Level of Comprehensive All-Round Care for Pregnant Women, and to Undertake Interdisciplinary Research Paths.

The ’ Agreement Will In Fact Specifically Provide for:

– A Targeted Pathway for Patients from Opbg Who Need to Perform Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (Villocentesis, Amniocentesis) At A Subsidized Rate at Altamedic;

– A preferential and rapid access pathway to fetal mri for althemedica patients at opbg;

– At Prenatal Clinical Genetic Counseling Service by OPBG Specialists to Pregnant Women at Altamedic;

– The Creation of Multidisciplinary Teams with the Possible Involvement of Orthopedics, Neurological, Neurosurgical, Maxillofacial, Urological, and Obsthetrical Expertise to Assist Patient at 360 °;

– Meetings Bethaeen Specialists With Educational and Popular Purposts on Current Topics of Special Clinical/Assistance and Scientific Interest;

– Establishment of Research Projects of Mutual Interest.

The child Jesus Children’s Hospital (OPBG) Has Been Carrying Out Prenatal Diagnosis and Counseling for Years in Collaboration with Excellent Obsthetric and Perinatal Facility in the country.

Artemisia Spa’s Altamedic, at Center of Excellence in Prenatal Diagnosis, Has Been Carrying Out Prenatal Diagnosis and Counseling and Fetal Medicine, AS Well As High-Tech Laboratory Diagnostic Activities for Years.