Anguillara – Arsenic Emergency Public Meeting

Anguillara – Arsenic Emergency: Public Meeting

Do you know this Our Municipality È Outlaw for the’Water All’Arsenic and fluoride?

That in the Ponton Areas of the’Elce, Biadaro Hill, Claudia Residence, Station, Campo Marinaro and Campo Le Rose, We Can No LongerÙ Drinking It and Not Even use It to Make Food and Wash Ourselves?

The City Council Motion Voted at’UnanimitÀ (By Majority and Opposition) Pass the ResponsibilityÀ On the Region, but alsus the various municipal administrations, Which Have Been in Turn for More Than 10 Years,
Have Done Nothing!

We Want A Serious Policy of Taking ResponsibilityÀ And stucuttural interventions! Not Generic Motions

What to do? For this
We agree to Public Meeting
Saturday, Janogy 26, 2013 – AT 4:30 p.m
At the Don Alvaro Orsi Hall of the Regina Pacis Parish
(Railway Station Area)

  1. That a Plan Be Established to Supply Drinking Water to Citizens in Areas affected by the’Arsenic (Seaplanes? 🙂
  2. That in the 2013 budget it be provided that at least 10% of the’Make income on the’Water Collected by the Municipal Be Allocated to Investments To Permanently Reduce The Concentration of Arsenic in the’Water;
  3. that money be saved for non-priority expenses (e.g., Fireworks …) to Invest Them in Water Service and that urgent measures be taken to recovery the’Tax Evasion by investing the Related Resources in Integrated Water Service;
  4. That, pending the desired Regional Initiative and Together with All the Municipalities in Lazio That Share The Same Problem, The’Urgent Interventions of the Deposit and Loan Bank;
  5. That a Structural Plan Be Established to Solve The Water Service Problems permanently;
  6. That Clear Information Be Given on Available Resources, Planned Interventions, and Timelines for implementation;
  7. That analyses on the’Water Be Available to the citizenry not on an occasional basis as now visible on the site, but on a continuous and circumstant basis.
  1. The New Regional Council Council; Respecting the Victory of the referendum for the’Public Water – Place Among the Priorities of theà Urgent l’Investment in the Water Service, with a Defined Plan and defined Timaframe, with procedures for transparency and citizen involvement;
  2. The New Parliament Approve The People's Initiative Law for the’Long-delayed Public Water, Which Calls for the Creation of a National Investment Fund in the’Public Water.

We call on all citizens

  • to join and sign a letter to the prefect for theé intervene with the city of eelr s. To solve the one that è for all intents and purifies a’Emergency;
  • to make themselves Available to participate in and Strengthen the Committee for the’Water to demand Greater Transparency and Participation
  • to participate in a’Public Assembly to Be Heldà Saturday, Janogy 26, 2013 at 4:30 pm at the Don Alvaro Orsi Hall of the Regina Pacis Parish to Inform Us About the Situation and Protect Our Health.