At Sant ’ Eugenio in Rome Open Day Obtetrics for Mothers-to-BE

Rome ’ S Sant ’ Eugenio Hospital Open Its Doors To Expectant Mothers and Their Families with the Obsthetics Open Day, The Monthly Eventted to Meeting with Gynecologists, Obsthetricians, Aesthesiologists, Neonatologists, Pediatricians and Child. The Pathways, Care Offerings and Services Provided by the Facility. The ’ Event was Held Today at the Hospital &#8217S Rita Levi Montalcini Lecture Hall.

During These Days

“ During these days we have the opportunity to present our birthplace and all the services we offer, “Dr. Fabrizio Signore, director of the Uoc of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Sant’Eugenio, told Dire, “so patients can find answers to all their needs in our outpatient clinics and departments. At our Facility, We are alo also to deal with Difficult Pregnancies and Are Equipped with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, So Both Physiological Patients and Patients with Issues Such As Diabetes, Hypertension, Baby Growth Delay and Many Other Conditions That Need to Be Takeen Care of can like us ”.

But Not Only That: The Department of Obstitrics and Gynecology at Sant ’ Eugenio Makes Use of Several Specialists for All Prenatal Diagnosis, And “ For A Year Now We Have Had A Very Active and Important Collaboration with the Child Jesus in Rome, “Lord Let us Know,” Whereby a Cardiologist from the Children &#8217S Hospital Performs Prenatal diagnosis Fetal Echocardiography in Our Outpatient Clinics on Weekly Basis, to deal with all the problem related to Defects in the little one &#8221s Heart;. Hence the importance of networking, with different specialists collaborating and supporting women throughout their pregnancy journey. “ Women in This Way feel less bewilded, “The Director of Obstitrics and Gynecology Told Dire Again.TODAY, Moreover, Pregnant Patient Want To Be More Informed About The Activities of the Birth Point and Espencialy About The Type of Care and Needs That Can Be Met. That is Why we have Created Within Holy ’ Eugenio a Network of Specialists and Consultants Such As the Angiologist, ProTologist, Phlebologist, Internalist and Cardiologist Who Can Certinly Particapato in Taking Care of All Pregnant Patients.”

The Main Questions Experts Are Hearing

On what are the Main Questions Experts Hear from Expectant Mothers, Lord Replied: “ they expedally Want to bemord About the level of Safety of the Birth Point from A Care Point of View and Guarantees Offered. The ’ Other Very IMPORTANT AT AT AS WELL WELD FOR IS THE SERVICE OF ENGLISH: Here at Our Place We Have A Team of Aesthesiologist Dedicated Just To The Delivery Room Who Guarantee 24 Hours A Day Partoanalgesia, But Most Importantly there is Ansthesiology clinic that is open weekly, so pregnant patients at 35/36 Weeks can make the consultation and open their folder with the Aesthesiologist ”. The Director of Obstitrics and Gynecology at Sant ’ Eugenio Therefore Wanted to Reassure Mothers-to-Be: “ they can rest assured- Heid-Espedally Women With Physiological Pregnans, Because Have Assured by the Health System All the the the Necessary Examinations, no one is abandoned ”.
Finally, A Reference to the Pandemic, Which Seems to Behind Us Now, But Which For Many New Mothers has probably Been Experienced with Greater Anxied Related to Having to face the Moment of Childbirth Alone: “ Partially it is true- Finally Commely Lord- However, Pregnancy Has Possilly Led to overcoming Many Fears and Anxieties. During the pandemic we alo offered a Pregnancy Vaccination Service and Got Right to the Heart of the Problem by Giving Correct Information and Enabling Many Patienti to approach Without Fear. We have followed them and taken them in by Participating in All Their Anxieties ” concludes.