Anxiolytics, Always and Only Under Prescription

Anxiolytics, Always and Only Under Prescription

To Treat States of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Insomnia, Anxiolytics are Increasingly prescribed with a. These are the benzodiazepines (Tavor, Xanax, Rivotril, Valium, Anxiolin, EN, Frontal, Lexotan, Prazene, Control, Lorans, and So ON), Drugs that Should Be Used Only in the case, for Example, of Pathological Anxiety or to Counter Panic Attacks or To induce Sleep, If One Has Difficulty Falling Asleep or Has Distbed Sleep With Frequed NightTime Awakenings Resulting in Fatigue, Irritability, and Low Productivity The Next Morning and A Marked Worsening of Quality of Life.

Medical prescription is Essential

Tea prescription is essential because benzodiazepines cause, more than other psychoactive substances, physical and psychological dependence, addiction and withdrawal.

Thus, in addition to the initiation of therapy, it will alo be important to listen to the doctor about the discontinuation and discontinuation of these medications.

Abrupt Discontinuation of These Drugs, in fact, would Causes side effects that couUn this Worsen the situation such as: anxiety, insomnia, irritability, nausea, headache, palpitations, tremors, sweating, muscle aches, vomiting, intolerance to light and sound and, Rarely, convulsions and a Range of Other Disorders Such As Excitement, Sadness, Delirium, Hallucinations, Difficulty in Thinking and Expressing One’s Emotions.


Benzodiazepines, Ultimotelly, If Used At Low Doses or Used At High Dosages But For Limited Periods of Time, Are Useful and Effective Drugs for Many Patient; If, On The Other Hand, One Takes These Drugs At High Dosages and For Long Periods of Time, Sometimes Event Self-Pascribing Them, One Risks Addiction, Tolerance, and Habiation (i.and., Having to Resort to Higher Doses of the Drug all the time) with the risk of event serious side effects.

Therefore, it is always a ways idea to Consult Your Doctor Who Will Make the appropriate diagnosis, and not to Go Your Own Way Because, in addition to not solving the problem you are suffering from Only Make the Situation Worse.