50 Shades of Woman the 2nd Edition on the theme the second time on Saturday, April 8

50 Shades of Woman: The 2nd Edition on the theme the second time: Saturday, April 8

For the second year in a row, the "Let's Seechiara", Dedicated to Women's Health and Well-Boing (www.seemocichiara.IT) Dedicates to Special Initiative to the World of Women, Addressing in this edition the Theme of the "Second Time Around", The One That Takes Shape From A necessary and Biological Desire for Change This is Generated at An Age Bethaeen 40 and 50 Years Old. So Many Are in fact the "Second Times," OR Changes That Characterize the "Anta": Starting with a New Self-downness that Takes Light in Symbiosis With The Changes in One's Body.

And so it is That at the Spain Conference Center, In The Heart of the Historic Center of Rome, for Entire Afternoon, that of Saturday, April 8, 2017, The Creator and Founder of "Let's Seechiara," Dr.SSA Maria Luisa Barbarulo, Will introduces Series of Initives dedicated to the theme of being a Woman Toray. Wellness and Health Will Be The Main Topics of In-Depth Discussion, Treated With Wisdom and Fun: Starting with dr. Rossella Nappi.SSA Alessandra Bitelli (Mental Coach) That Will Help Focus The Audience, Through Some Mental Exercises, On Their Goals, Stimulating Personal Determination to Change. Psychic Exercises will be Accompanied by Physical Ones With Gymnastics-Proposed by Dr. Pezzella.SSA Loredana La Torre – Dedicated to the Most Intimate female muscles (those of the perineum) that, where iron healthy, Will also enable the maintenance or rediscovery of a healthy sex life.

It will then be the turn of Dr.SSA Laura Tonatto, Who will explain all the secrets of aromatherapy and the talk show with specialists, The Central Focus of the Event, During WHHHHHHHHOH A. Antonio Lanzone, of Dr. Massimo Danti (Gynecologist), by Dr.SSA Patrizia Pezzella (Sexologist), by DR.SSA Gabriella Caruso (nutritionist), and prof.SSA Rossella Nappi (Gynecologist).

Also presented as part of the Initiative Will Be The Volunteer and Nonprofit Organization Komen Italy, Which Works in The Fight Against Breast Cancer Throughout The Country and Whose Testimonials includes Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Rosanna Banfi. During the Event, it will be possible to register for the 18th Race for the Cure to be help in Rome, at the circus maximus, on May 19, 20 and 21 p.v..

Next, from 6 p.m.00, Will Open, The Semi-Private Meetings with the Specialists Dr.SSA Patrizia Pezzella (Gynecologist, Sexologist) and Dr.SSA Gabriella Caruso (nutritionist).

Space Also for the Horoscope of the "Anta" and Change, by Simon & The Stars: The Event Falls, Not Cincidentally, Exactly One Week from the ’ Beginning of the Astrological Year (March 31): A significant clue to grasp the hints of the stars under the banner of transformation.
The Day Will Also Be An Opportunity to Become a contributors to the "Let's Sechiara" Blog, Using the Event's Hashtags, #50Sfumaturadwoman #Wecareseeking #laseCondtimes, and publishing a Post On Their Facebook Profile About the Change and the Event 50 Shades of Woman: among all participants will be selected the best post and the author will be invited to collaborate in the drafting of articles on the portal. The Selection of Comments Will Be Taken Care of by the Editorial Staff Itself, Also Taking Into Account The Total Number of Shares and "Likes" Reached by the Posts.

Program of the ’ Event

Check-in and pick-up of the gadget shopper

Welcome Speech
dr.ssa maria luisa barbarulo

Mental Coach Activities
Edited by Alessandra Bitelli

Perineal Gymnastics
Edited by Loredana La Torre

Edited by Laura Tonatto

Talk Show "50 Shades of Woman"
Participants: Antonio Lanzone, Massimo Danti, Patrizia Pezzella, Gabriella Caruso, Rossella Nappi.

Komen Italy Presentation
Registration for the 18th Edition of "Race for the Cure"

Coffee Breaks

Semi-private meetings (for members only)
With Patrizia Pezzella and Gabriella Caruso.

Horoscope of the "Anta" and Change
By Simon & The Stars.

Edited by Maria Luisa Barbarulo