Civitavecchia – Social dentist Project Entered into full swing mobile

Civitavecchia – The Social Dentistry Project

In Full Operational Phase, The Project of Social Dentistry ‘Mobile ’ Launched by the ASL Roma F in Full Accordance with the Guidelines Provided by the Lazio Region.

After the first day of Activityà of the Dental Stander in Formello, intended for users of Formello and Sacrofano) and Sant ’ Oreste, intended for users of Rignano Flaminio, Civitella S. Paul and s. Orestes, Tomorrow Sept. 19 Will beà The turn of Allumiere, for the users of Allumiere and Tolfa.

The Project, Which Was Strongly Advocated by Extraordinary Commissioner Dr. Giuseppe Quintavalle and Coordinate by Dr. Franco De Luca, è intended for the monsù Weak Population Characterized by Fragilityà Social and Economic, and Concerns the possibility of theà Of Privileged Access, for Certain Groups of Users, to free exodontic services and the fabrication of mobile dental prostheses.

L ’ Initiative, Characterized in Many Cases by the ‘mobilityà’ of the Health Facility, ieè l.THE.M.OR. (Societyà Italian Maxillofacial Dadontostomatology – Eastman Hospital in Rome) Will Continueà According to a precise schedule of appointments both in modalitsà Itinerant Both in modalityà Traditional, The Next of Which Will Beà September 20 in The Square in Manziana for Users of Manziana and Canale Monterano.

In order to carry out the project, in fact è Consider the Needà to intervene in All the Municipalities in the Territory of ASL Roma F, with priority Given to theà Absolute To Those Localitiesà That Do Not Have a Fixed Outpatient Dental Facility Available: Santa Marinella, Alumiere and Tolfa (District F1), Cerveteri (District F2), Canale Monterano, Manziana and Trevignano (District F3), Riano, Formello, Sacrofano, Castelnuovo di Porto, Morlupo , Magliano Romano, Fiano Romano, Rignano Flaminio, Mazzano, Civitella S. Paolo, Nazzano, Torrita Tiberina, Sant ’ Oreste, Filacciano and Ponzano Romano (District F4).

In this Regard We Will Actà, As in the past, with modalitiesà ‘Home ’ By means of unità Dental Mobile, Through a Specific Agreement Entered Intred Precisely with the S.THE.M.OR., Who, with Extreme Professionalismà, Has Long Collaborated with ASL Roma F in Similar Projects Scatted Throughout The Territory.

In the municipalities, However, Where they are Almedyà Present Outpatient Clinics of Rome F, IT will be the Same Specialist Doctors of the ASL Who Will Guarantee Health Services Through A Preferential Path GIà Defined..

“ We Very Much appreciate This Initiative – Commented the Mayor of Allumiere Augusto Battilocchio – Which is carried out with the direct collaboration of social services in the municipalities for the definition of the list of users ’ list of users. It ’ S A modalità Different to Deliver Care ‘On the spot ’ Which Particularly Comes to the AID of the Mostù Weak population, and it denotes the sensitivityà That the ASL Management Many Times Manages to Make Value Aided in Its Programming.”