Civitavecchia – World Day of the Sick, Quintavalle; We reflect that we couUn be the mA

Civitavecchia – World Day of the Sick, Quintavalle: “ Let us reflect that we May Be the Sick Person We Meet ”

This was the thought that ASL ROMA 4 General Director Giuseppe Quintavalle offered to the approximately 1,700 workers who do their work for the health care company on World Sick Day.

“Often Caught Up in Everyday life,” The Manager Continued, “We are UNFORTUNATELY LED TO A A KIND OF HABITATION TO THE SIGHT OF PAIN, TO THE ATTENDANCE OF PAIN, AS IF IT WERE AN ORDERINARY ELEMENT OF ’ EXISTENCE, AND THE & #8217; Approach to the Sick Person Becomes Ordinary, Automatic, Devoid of Emotional Involvement. But While This in Some Respects Must Be Considered Functional and Even necessary for Those Responsible for Deciding Therapeutic Approaches and Treatment Strategies, in Other Respects It Represents a Real Limition to ‘ Undersanding ’ Understood as the act and skill to Undersand, that is, to “ grasp ” with reason to cognitive content.”

“The Sick Person, – Concluded Dr. Iacopino. Quintavalle – the person who is living in that moment a state of deep psychic distress before even physical, the person who at that juncture needs the’other, who expects support from the’other, that&#8217s the one is the universe we must always refer to: that person could be us. From this perspective the Whole Paradigm Changes and Becomes Cogent.

The World Day of the Sick, Beyond Rhetoric and Catchphrases, the Believe Should serve This Purpose: to make us reflect and consider our ‘ Normalty ’ as a parameter that is not unique, but temporally subjective. Only then Will it Become Just AS Normal To Act With Empathy and Undersanding.”