Formia – Breast Cancer Prevention, More Than Three Hundred Women Flocked to Piazza Vittoria for the

Formia – Breast Cancer Prevention, More Than Three Hundred Women Flocked to Piazza Vittoria for the free screening

In 2015, There Were 160. This Year More Than 300. A Veritable Pink Army Flocked to Piazza Vittoria Today To Carry Out The Free Breast Examination Offered as part of the “in the square for you” Campaign, The Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Initiative Promoted by the Municipal Administration and The Formia of Finanza Naval Center in Collaboration with ASL, The Italian Red Cross and the National Association of Breast Operated Women.

Standing in line, from Nine in the morning, under a Warm Sun That Almedy Smells Like Spring. Women of the Most Different Ages, From The Territory and Beyond. “I Come from Rome,” Explains in Middle-Auged Lady. With the Waiting Lists There are…”

Early diagnosis can save lives. This is Known by the many Women Who Flocked to the Clinics, Three of Which Were Set Up in Victory Square Inside Ambulances Provided by the Red Cross and Guardia di Finanza and One Set Up in The Instalmary of the Municipal Building where Suspected Cases indicated by the Medical Staff of the Yellow Flames and the ASL Were Investigated in Depth Through UltraSound. AS Many As Nine Medical Specialists Took Turns Throughout The Day, Working Diligently with the Help of Volunteer Nurses from the Italian Red Cross.

“Supporting Women’s Right to Health Seemed to US The Most Useful Way to Celebrate March 8 – Emphasizes Equal Opportunities Delegate Patrizia Menanno -. This Year We More Than DoubleD The Almedy Significant Figure of the First Edition, A sign that the Initiative Responds to an existing need. When institutions work well in synergy, it means the social fabric is healthy. TODAY WE HAD CONFIMATION OF HOW Appreciated such Initiatives are. Last Year We Were Asked To Repeat It and Today to Broaden the Scope of Interventions by Promoting Similar Prevention Campaigs that Also Men. Because that to Health is the first of rights and it belongs to each of us.

I would like to think the Guardia di Finanza and in Particular Commander Giuliana Corrado, But Also The Others Who With Their Voluntary Contributions Made This Day Possible: from the Medical Staff to the Italian Red Cross of South Pontine and Fondi Committees, to the Activists of Andop. Next Year, “he concludes – We will repeat the Initiative to Continue Raising Awareness of the Importance of Prevention.”.