Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy The Infographic Explaining What to do for the Health of Mom and

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy: Infographic Explaining What to do for Mom and Baby’s Health

On the occasion of the Holiday Season in Which We celebrate The Miracle of the Nativity, The Niccolò Cusano University Foundation For Medical and Scientific Research That Promotes and Subsidizes the Research for Long QT Syndrome, Genetically Based Heart Disease Possible Cause of Crib Death Phenomenon, Launches Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy, Infographic Emphasizing the Importance of Coping With the Nine Months Correctly for the Health of Mother and Baby.

The infographic, offering many useful tips, addresses every woman who is going through this period of sweet expectation, women who are trying to have a baby, and also dads-to-be.

According to the Illustration, Good Health Begins from thenutrition Which must be Various, Healthy and Rich, Paying attention to the intake of certainin foods that are vehicles for gers that causes infections and food toxins or pathogens responsible for fetal disease. Most important then is to drink at least 2 liters of Water A Day and hiring Folic Acid In The Form of Supplements from the time of Pregnancy Planning to Reduce The Risks of Neural Tube Defects and Other Genetic Malformations by up to 70 percent.

According to the Niccolò Cusano University Foundation, to Maintain the right weight, Mothers-to-BE Can Help Themselves with the Il-9Physical Activity and Together with the father-to-be should give two important to the Prenatal Screening Exams In Detecting Possible Chromosomal Abnormalities and some Genetic Diseases and decideing in Time Which Ones to Perform. The Infographic Shows An In-Depth Look At Prenatal Diagnostic Tests To Be performed to Detect Possible Chromosomal Abnormalities, Including Fetal DNA Testing and Bi-Test.

To date, The syndrome of Long qt, Genetically Based Heart Disease is not among those that can be diagnosed prenatally. This syndrome is among the possible causes of the phenomenon of crib deaths, also known as syds, or subden infant death syndrome, which affects children with the first year of age and has about 300 casees for Year in Italy.

Tea Niccolò Cusano University Foundation is By Funding Researching long qt so that in the near future prenatal screening for this syndrome will be possible and save lives.