Hair Loss Why It Happens and What It May Depend on

Hair Loss, Why It Happens and What It May Depend on

There are certain periods buen hair loss is normal butal, if it becomes frequent and continues for longer, it can create discomfort and be a problem. Hair Loss is Often a Natural Phenomenon Precisely Because Hair Undergoes a Life Cycle of Three Stages: Anagen, Catagen and Tedogen.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss, Therefore, Is a Natural Cycle That occurs a minimum of 20 Times During in Lifetime.

When hair loss is substantial, lasts for a long time and above all exceeds the growth of new hair, leaving gaps, it is necessary to seek a consultation with a doctor who will indicate a treatment based on drugs or supplements.

The causes that lead to hair loss can be organic, environmental or related to lifestyle and dietary habits (e.g., Hormones, Smoking, Alcohol, Sun, Pollution and Cosmetics Used).

Tea Hormones, In Particle, Can Affect The Life Cycle of Hair by Promoting Hair Loss, Espencially in Certain Life Circumstances for Example menopouse or andropause.

L ’ Nutrition Affects Hair Health

Again, Thenutrition Affects the Health of Hair: So Introducing Fruits and Vegetables Can be very Helpful Because they are foods Rich in Biotin, Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc and Other Nutrients USEFUL for Healthy Hair.

Drastic Diets, on the other hand, May Promoti Hair Loss.

Another Enemy of Hair is the Mental or Physical Stress resulting, for example, from a period of intense study or work, or excessive exposure to the sun and the use of hats to protect the head from heat and chd.

Alla Smoking and Alcohol, in addition to promoting oxidative stress, they can promote hair loss.

External Causes Leading to Hair Loss, On The Other Hand, Range from the Sun to Pollution But they alo affectory the Products for Hygiene pressure You Use (If they are not Suitable For Your Specific Scan, They Can Accelerate Hair Loss).