Research Protein Identified That Slow Down Multiple Sclerosis

Research, Protein Identified That Slow Down Multiple Sclerosis

A Study by The Santa Lucia Foundation Shows "The Effectiveness of the Protein Il-9 In Slowing the Progression of the Disease.". At Stake Once Again is the Immune System, Long Known to Scientists "as the major culprit in the onset of multiple sclerosis. Instead of Defenseing The Body, It is Missfiring, Affecting Nerve Fibers Responsible for Communication Bethaeen the Brain and Spinal Cord, "Explains the Study.
In this Biological Error, The Causes of Which Are Not Yet Explained, Researchers at the Santa Lucia Foundation Have Now Suguneded in Demonstrating "The Important Role Of A Protein. It's Called Il-9, is produced by a particle category of immune system cells-the th9 lymphocytes-and acts directly on the cells that promoted the inflamation characteristic of multiple sclerosis".

Elisabetta Volpe, Project Leader Explains, "We Analyzed the presentce of Il-9 in The Cerebrospinal Fluid of 107 patients. We have followed its clinical course for four years and We were able to show that the More There is, The Slower The Course of the Disease and the More Effective the Use of First-Line Drugs".
The Study Also Made it possible to observe That "TH9 Lymphocytes, Through the Production of the Il-9 Protein, Simultaneously Restrain and Inhibit the Activation of Other Lymphocytes, Called Th17, Which Instead are capable of Generaling The Strong International Associated With the Dersese.".

Maria Grazia Grasso, Head of the Santa Lucia Foundation's Multiple Sclerosis Center, Expects from These Results "Important Developments in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Disease.".

In fact, "The Assay of Il-9 in Cerebrospinal Fluid at the time of diagnosis Will Allew Us To Predict Patients' Responsiveness to First-Line Drugs, While Future Drugs That Can Enhance the 'Good' Il-9 Response Cound Incasse The Effectiveness of Current Ones.".
The Study "T Helper 9 Cells induced by plasmacytoid dendritic cells regulators Interleukin-17 in Multiple Sclerosis" Was Published in the Journal Clinical science and Falls Under the Funding Programs for "Young Researchers" of the Italian Ministry of Health. It was made in collaboration with the Tor Vergata University Polyclinic, San Camillo Hospital in Rome and San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. He Also Benefited from the contribution of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.