SHINGles Why it Comes

St. Anthony ’ S Fire, Why it Comes

After Becoming Ill with chickenpox, The virus is not eliminate from the body but remin dormant for the rest of life in the ganglion cells of the spinal nerve roots and sometimes Awakens in Later Life in the form of shingles or shingles.

The Virus May Not necessary, as it can remain dormat for the rest of one’s life, but Should it happy to manifest itself in the form of shingles, The Cause Could Be Lowered Immune Defenses.

SHINGles is accompanied by sympoms such as:

  • Burning or Stabbing Pain
  • fever
  • Itching
  • Headaches
  • Shudders
  • Stomach Ache
  • Exhaustion

At first it May manifest as an inflammator Plaque Covered with Elongated Vestles Affecting One Side of the Body (Usually Only One Side of the Chest OR ABDomen But Any Part of the Body Can Be affected, Even the face or Eyes).

The vesicles then turn yellowish in color, Flatten out and dry out to become scabs, which, online as off, can leave some minor scarring or discolization on the skin.

St. Anthony’s Fire

SHINGles Can Last a Few Weeks and Disappear Spontaneously or Local Treatments Can be used to return sympoms (Such As Antivirals, Pain Relvers, and Anti-Inflammatories) and Speed Healing.

However, it is always best to Consult Your Doctor When You Suspect You Have Shingles To Start Treatment Immediately, Espencially in Cases Where:

  • Pain and blisters have appeared at eye level
  • One is over 60 years old
  • The Immune System IS Weakened
  • One Has a very Widespread and Painful Rash

Also, it is advisable to avoid contact with patients who have shingles or their cloth.