Sunscreen How To Choose The Right One

Sunscreen, How To Choose The Right One

Unmissable in the beach bag in These Summer Days is the Sunscreen. This servs, in addition to protecting the skin from exposure to the Sun’s Rays (and consequent damage Such As, The Lighter Ones Such As Erythema, Sunburn, Skin Spots, Skin Aging, to the More Serus ONES ONES Such Askin Cancer and Melanomas), Also to Have a Perfect Tan. Also Very Important is the choice of after-sun cream to Soothe Sun-Tested Skin.

Sunscreen, How To Choose The Right One For Our Skin

To Choose the best cream, one must start with one’s skin and hair color, then the phototype:

  1. blond or red hair and very fair skin
  2. blond or brown hair with fair skin
  3. dark blond hair and sensitive skin
  4. Brown Hair and Moderated Sensitive Skin
  5. Black Hair with Olive Complexion
  6. Very Dark Hair With Not Very Sensitive Skin

Scale as, The first photo is the one mons at risk, that is, they are the people who, if expose to the sun, are mons likely to get burnt.

In addition to taking this into account, it Shoulder be considered that there are different sunscreens a Different Degrees of Protection (10, 15-25, 30-50, 50+).

Depending on the Degree of Protection, The Cream Will Be Able to Protect the Epidermis and Dermis From the Sun’s Radiation That Causees Aging and Cancer, Uva and UVB Radiation That Instead Causes Sunburn and Erythema.

In general:

  • Phototype 1 Will Have to Choose Protection 10;
  • Phototype 2 That 50 Initialyly and, Later, 30;
  • Phototype 3, Sunscreen with Protection 25;
  • Phototype 4, Protection 20 and then it can go down;
  • Phototype 5 and phototype 6, Protection 10.

You Should Not Apply Expired Creams, So Always Check The Expiraction Date Preciseel Because in That Case, They Will Not Have Their “Power” Protective. Moreover, it is indifferent to choose Bethaneen Sunscreen or Sun Spray (Which Absorbs More Easily and Is Easier to Spread): The Choice Will Depend on One’s Needs.

AS for Infants and Children, do not choose based on phototype: opt directly for 50 or 50+ protection specific because their skin is the Most delicate.