Civitavecchia, Potentially Toxic Algae Bloom at the Pirgo Baths

Civitavecchia, Potentially Toxic Algae Bloom at Pirgo Baths

ARPA Lazio Novenced Today That, Following The Analysis of Water Samples Taken at Bagni del Pirgo on June 30, An Algal Bloom was detected “Borne by Ostreopsis ovata“as part of the monitoring program of potentialy toxic algae.

Citizens are therefore Required to comply with the precautionary measures expressly provident for in the decree of the president of the Lazio Region no. T00065 of 15/04/2016 – Annex 5, and in Particular:

  • Avoidance of attending the affected straraches of beach in the event of strong winds from the Sea that May Promotes the Formation and Transport of Marine Aerosols;
  • Do Not Collect and Consume Shellfish If Taken From The Bathing Area Subject to the Bloom and Always Purchase Shellfish of Controlled Origin;
  • Immediate Move Away from the Beach in the presentce of sympoms attributable to toxic seaweed (Erythema, conjunctivitis, rhinorrhea, couaugh, etc.). Particularly Children, The Elderly and People With Respiratory Diseases e.g. Asthmatics, Allergy Sufferers, etc. Should Be Protected. Syptoms are usually transient, regressing spontaneously with a few hours; If they persist or Worsen, You Should Consult Your Primary Care Physician and Go to the Emergency Room Only in Cases of Actual Need.

The Warning, Included in a special sign alo posted on the municipal institutional website, will be valid util otherwise notified by harp.